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[+] Accountancy Services

We provide free meetings and professional advice to you with the aim of working together to make your company, whether just starting up or long established, as profitable to you as possible. We prepare full sets of accounts and management reports at a frequency to suit you. We will always contact you and let you know when a deadline is approaching so we can work together to get everything done on time.

[+] Book-Keeping

We can come into your office or you can deliver the paperwork to us and we will maintain ledgers, raise invoices, prepare payment lists, balance banks and prepare reports to inform you, in a format that suits you best, how your company is doing and what, if anything, can be done to improve it. This could be done at a frequency to suit you from daily to quarterly.

[+] Payroll

We have a sophisticated, computerised payroll bureau that can deal with all circumstances arising when employing staff. We can prepare weekly, bi-weekly, four-weekly or monthly payslips along with relevant reports to suit you.

[+] Tax - All Aspects

We can complete and submit your personal and/or corporation tax returns ensuring they are representing the most tax efficient position for yourself and your company while still reflecting a true and fair view of how you have traded. We also offer advice on all other aspects of tax such as capital gains, inheritance tax, excise duty etc. We have a range of professionals on hand to answer even the most taxing enquiry. Please ask for more information.

[+] VAT

We deal with the registration and deregistration of companies and individuals in relation to VAT. We will consult with you to see if you should be VAT registered, and if you do, we will prepare the VAT returns at the frequency requested by HMRC. If you think you may be paying too much VAT give us a call, there might be a solution.

[+] Business Planning

Are you thinking of setting up a new company but don't know where to start? We could help. We can prepare forecasts and business plans that not only give you a clear picture of what your business should be doing but can also be used when applying for funding or finance. We can also register you with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf so the only thing you need to think about is growing your business.
If you are already established and maybe finding things a little difficult at the minute or want to diversify or expand, we can prepare projections and discuss possibilities of how you can move forward to make you the most money.

[+] Company Formations

We work with various professionals to incorporate your company or LLP the best way possible for you. We will only charge you our disbursements incurred on incorporating the company, which can be as low as £17, if you agree to use A.D.A.S. to take care of your accountancy and tax requirements going forward. We can also help you find the right bank accounts and financing options so your company can get off to the right start.

[+] Agent Services

We will apply to HMRC and Companies House, where appropriate, for authorisation to speak to them on your behalf. Once authorised we will also receive copies of any correspondence either institution sends to you. This will mean we can act on some issues as soon as they arise. All to remove more stress from your shoulders so you can concentrate on growing your business.

[+] Holding Accounts

We have a holding account set up to receive a monthly standing order from you to contribute to your annual tax bills. This will help you budget your cash flow through your accounting year. We would pay all you tax bills from this account when they become due. Again this service has been created to try and eliminate any worries or stress you might have. The more you can concentrate on the important issues, like growing the business, the better.